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ABS Colour Full Contact Training Knife - KN-421P

ABS Colour Full Contact Training Knife - KN-421P

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⚔️ Unleash Power with AleisterMoon Ninja Shop's ABS Training Knife! ⚔️

🛡️ Superior Strength and Durability: Embark on a journey of unmatched strength and durability with our ABS Training Knife, meticulously crafted from Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS). This cutting-edge material surpasses the strength of both Wooden and Steel weapons, ensuring your training knife is a force to be reckoned with.

📏 Perfect Length for Precision: At a total length of 15 inches, our ABS Training Knife strikes the perfect balance between practicality and precision. This carefully measured size ensures optimal handling, making it an ideal companion for practitioners honing their skills and techniques.

🤺 Full & Semi Contact Sword Sparring: Prepare for an immersive training experience! Our ABS Training Knife is versatile enough to handle both full and semi-contact sword sparring, allowing practitioners to refine their techniques across various training intensities. Elevate your skills with a reliable and durable training weapon.

💪 Heaviest Grade ABS Construction: Forged from the heaviest grade ABS material available, our Training Knife closely duplicates the authentic look and feel of a real blade. Experience the weight and balance of traditional weapons without compromising safety, ensuring a realistic and effective training session.

🌟 Realistic Look and Feel: Our ABS Training Knife goes beyond appearance—it's an experience. Immerse yourself in training scenarios that closely replicate real-life situations, enhancing your skills with a training knife that mirrors the nuances of an actual blade.

🚫 Not Just for Looks – Built for Action: While our ABS Training Knife captures the essence of a real blade, it's not just for display. This training weapon is built for action, providing a safe yet authentic training experience for practitioners of all levels.

Elevate your training sessions with AleisterMoon Ninja Shop's ABS Training Knife. Unleash power, experience authenticity, and refine your skills with a training weapon designed for strength, durability, and realism. ⚔️🛡️ #ABSTrainingKnife #SwordSparring #MartialArtsTraining


AleisterMoon Ninja Shop weapons can only be sold to persons over the age of 18 years. Use and Misuse of Martial Arts Weapons can involve serious risk, including injury, disability and death. Weapons are sold for training and Kata use only under strict expert supervision, or for demonstrations of forms, or as collectors' items for display only. Inspect weapons before use to ensure that they are in perfect condition. DO NOT USE WEAPONS FOR SPARRING OR CONTACT. User assumes all risks of Injury. No Wooden weapons used in Martial Arts are under Warranty if used for Contact or Sparring or being dropped on the floor while training. AleisterMoon Ninja Shop do not accept liability for damage or injury caused through misuse of products purchased.

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