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Cherry Oak Wooden Bokken With Roped Handle

Cherry Oak Wooden Bokken With Roped Handle

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🌸 Elevate your martial arts practice with our Cherry Oak Wooden Bokken featuring a Roped Handle! 🥋🌳 Crafted from exquisite Cherry Oak Wood, this Bokken is designed to enhance your grip, providing optimal control and stability during training.

✨ The unique Roped Handle adds an extra layer of sophistication, ensuring a superior hold and precise maneuvers. With a total length of 40 inches, including a 30-inch blade and a 10-inch handle, this Bokken offers impeccable balance for a refined training experience.

🌟 Each Bokken is thoughtfully crafted and comes complete with Tsube and a rubber ring, guaranteeing a comprehensive and high-quality training tool. This Cherry Oak Wooden Bokken stands at the top of the range, crafted from Grade (A) High-Quality Wood, delivering the essence of Japanese wooden weapons at an affordable cost.

🥷 Step into a new dimension of training excellence with our Cherry Oak Wooden Bokken. Unleash your potential, master the art, and exude grace and precision! #MartialArts #Bokken #TrainingWeapons 🌸🥋

AleisterMoon Ninja Shop weapons can only be sold to persons over the age of 18 years. Use and Misuse of Martial Arts Weapons can involve serious risk, including injury, disability and death. Weapons are sold for training and Kata use only under strict expert supervision, or for demonstrations of forms, or as collectors' items for display only. Inspect weapons before use to ensure that they are in perfect condition. DO NOT USE WEAPONS FOR SPARRING OR CONTACT. User assumes all risks of Injury. No Wooden weapons used in Martial Arts are under Warranty if used for Contact or Sparring or being dropped on the floor while training. AleisterMoon Ninja Shop do not accept liability for damage or injury caused through misuse of products purchased.

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