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🌌 Unleash the Force with TXQSABER Lightsaber Neo Pixel SN Pixel V4! 🌌

Journey to a galaxy far, far away with the TXQSABER Lightsaber Neo Pixel SN Pixel V4 – a masterpiece designed for heavy dueling, cosplay, and the ultimate Jedi experience.

⚙️ Specifications:

  • Brand Name: 1977SaberFeast
  • Material: Metal
  • Origin: Mainland China, Guangdong
  • Recommended Age: 18+
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Features: Flashing
  • Model Number: SaberFeast SNV4 SDCard App Control Anakin Lightsaber Replica Christmas
  • Warning: Please use 5V,1A charger
  • Item Type: Brinquedos
  • Certification: CE

⚔️ Features:

  • Flash on Clash
  • Blaster Effect
  • Smooth Swing
  • Combat-Ready Design

⚙️ Hilt Details:

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: 27cm

🔦 Blade Specifications:

  • 1-inch Removable Polycarbonate (PC) Blade
  • RGB Blade Color: Choose from 12 vibrant colors

🔊 Sound Effects:

  • RGB Sound: 4-16 Set Sound Fonts
  • SN PIXEL Blade Color: 22 blade effects
  • SN PIXEL Sound: 27 soundfonts with SD card

🔋 Battery:

  • Choose from 2000mAh or 3200mAh, 18650
  • USB Cord/Type C for convenient charging

⚠️ Warnings:

  • DON'T HURT OTHERS – Play responsibly and enjoy your lightsaber adventures safely.

🎃 Perfect for Halloween, Christmas, Cosplay, and Beyond: Experience the magic of the Star Wars universe with the TXQSABER Lightsaber. Whether you're engaging in epic duels, cosplaying your favorite Jedi, or simply displaying this luminous masterpiece, it's a must-have for enthusiasts.

May the Force be with you as you embark on thrilling lightsaber battles and create unforgettable moments in a galaxy full of adventure! 🔥🌌 #TXQSABER #Lightsaber #StarWarsCosplay

🌟 Explore the Galactic Collection of Lightsabers! 🌟

Embark on an epic journey into the world of lightsabers with our diverse range of models. Discover the power of the Force, engage in thrilling duels, and immerse yourself in the magic of these luminous blades.

🔮 Standard Baselit Lightsaber:

  • RGB lightsaber with 4 soundfonts
  • Blade Length: 77cm

💫 Premium Baselit Lightsaber:

  • RGB lightsaber with 10 soundfonts
  • Blade Length: 82cm (Choose 92cm for free by selecting CHINA and noting it on the order or contacting us)

🚀 SN Pixel V4 Lightsaber with SD Card:

  • Neo pixel lightsaber with 82/92cm LED strip blade
  • 27 soundfonts and approximately 22 blade effects with gesture control
  • Comes with an SD CARD
  • Option for DIY customization with the app (Contact us for details)

🎥 Watch More Videos and Dive into the Lightsaber Experience: YouTube Playlist

📩 Contact Us Anytime: Have questions or need assistance? Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We're here to make your lightsaber experience truly out of this world!

May the Force be with you as you wield these incredible lightsabers and create your own legendary moments in the galaxy! 🔥🌌 #Lightsabers #StarWars #GalacticAdventure

✨ Experience the Extraordinary Special Effects of SN Pixel Lightsaber! ✨

Step into a realm of unparalleled lightsaber magic with the SN Pixel version, offering a dazzling array of special effects to elevate your experience to new heights.

🎵 27 Sets Soundfont: Immerse yourself in the iconic soundscapes of the Star Wars universe with 27 incredible soundfonts, including favorites like Luke, Kylo, Obiwan, Anakin, Darth Vader, Ben Solo, Ahsoka, Rey, Palpatine, Leia, and more.

🌈 9 Kinds Blade Color: Choose from a stunning array of blade colors to personalize your lightsaber experience. Whether you prefer the classic Red, Blue, Green, or desire a unique touch with Yellow, White, Ice Blue, Pink, Lavender, or Orange, the choice is yours.

⚡ 9 Sets Blade Effect: Watch your lightsaber come to life with 9 mesmerizing blade effects. From the ethereal Ghost and powerful Cross to the dynamic Infinite, flowing Wave, vibrant Rainbow, fiery Fire, stable Unstable, pulsating Pulse, and more, each effect adds a distinct flair to your duels.

🔥 11 Sets Boot Effect: Make a grand entrance with 11 captivating boot effects that set the tone for your lightsaber adventure. Whether it's the graceful Tip, dynamic Standard, dramatic Drop, energetic Jump, fiery Ends, swirling Fire, dynamic Movement, cascading Drop Stack, or the charging Charge effect, each boot effect adds a touch of cinematic flair.

📱 App Customization: For those seeking even more customization, the SN Pixel version offers the option to use an app for DIY adjustments. Contact us to unlock the full potential of your lightsaber and tailor it to your preferences.

Unleash the full potential of your SN Pixel Lightsaber and bring your Star Wars fantasies to life with these extraordinary special effects. May the Force guide you on your luminous journey! 🔮🌌 #SNPixelLightsaber #SpecialEffects #StarWarsMagic

AleisterMoon Ninja Shop weapons can only be sold to persons over the age of 18 years. Use and Misuse of Martial Arts Weapons can involve serious risk, including injury, disability and death. Weapons are sold for training and Kata use only under strict expert supervision, or for demonstrations of forms, or as collectors' items for display only. Inspect weapons before use to ensure that they are in perfect condition. DO NOT USE WEAPONS FOR SPARRING OR CONTACT. User assumes all risks of Injury. No Wooden weapons used in Martial Arts are under Warranty if used for Contact or Sparring or being dropped on the floor while training. AleisterMoon Ninja Shop do not accept liability for damage or injury caused through misuse of products purchased.

Some payment methods will not be available for the purchase of weapons.

Shipping and delivery may take 15 business days for this product.


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