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Opro Adults Instant Custom Fit Mouth Guard - White

Opro Adults Instant Custom Fit Mouth Guard - White

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🦷πŸ’ͺ OPRO Adults Instant Custom Fit Mouth Guard - White πŸ’ͺ🦷

Elevate your protection on the field with the OPRO Adults Instant Custom Fit Mouth Guard. Engineered for athletes who play hard, this mouthguard offers personalized and professional-level defense. Get ready to play with confidence, knowing that your mouth is well-guarded.

🌟 Key Features:

  1. Patented Dual Compression Cage:

    • Utilizing hyperflex technology, the patented dual compression cage harnesses the power of the jaw to create a perfect model of the mouth.
    • The easy, quick-to-fit process produces a custom dentist-level gum shield with unrivaled retention, resting comfortably over teeth for accuracy comparable to a dental thermoforming machine.
  2. Patented Fin Technology:

    • Unique to the Instant Custom-Fit mouthguard, the patented self-impression fin technology works in tandem with the compression cage.
    • The hi-flow gel fins securely mold around teeth, delivering a dentist-level fit for optimum protection.
  3. Dental Grade Protective Shell:

    • The mouthguard features a dentist-level protective shell with cutting-edge triple-layer construction.
    • Dissipates shock waves from impacts, cushioning blows and reducing the likelihood of sports-related tooth injuries.
    • Trusted by professional athletes for the highest level of damage defense.
  4. Easy, Quick-Fit Process:

    • Enjoy a personalized fit without the wait. The Instant Custom-Fit mouthguard offers a quick and easy fitting process, giving you immediate protection.
  5. Range of Custom Colors:

    • Choose from a range of custom gum shield colors to suit your sports style. Express yourself while staying protected.
  6. Adults Size - For Age 10+:

    • Tailored for adults and suitable for individuals aged 10 and above.

πŸ‘„ Guard in. Game on. With OPRO's Instant Custom Fit Mouth Guard, you can play with maximum protection and unmatched comfort. Whether you're throwing, kicking, running, or scoring, this mouthguard is designed to keep up with your performance.

🏈πŸ₯‹ Stay Protected, Play Confidently - Get Your OPRO Adults Instant Custom Fit Mouth Guard Today! #MouthGuard #OPRO #SportsProtection #CustomFit

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