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SAFEJAWZ Extro Series Fangz Self Fit Mouthguards - Pink

SAFEJAWZ Extro Series Fangz Self Fit Mouthguards - Pink

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💖🦷 SAFEJAWZ® 'Pink Fangz' Mouthguard - Protection with Personality! 🦷💖

Elevate your sports performance with the revolutionary SAFEJAWZ® 'Pink Fangz' Mouthguard. Not only does it provide top-notch protection, but it also showcases your unique style with its awesome design. Get ready for a mouthguard that goes beyond the ordinary.

🌟 Key Features:

  1. Fluid Fit™ Technology: Experience a super-slim profile and excellent retentive qualities with Fluid Fit™ Technology. The mouthguard securely clips onto your teeth, ensuring a comfortable fit that won't hinder breathing, talking, or drinking.

  2. Jaw Secure™ Protection: Jaw Secure™ goes the extra mile by offering protection to the jaw and lower teeth. The pre-occluded base and raised impact pads act as a buffer, minimizing the risk of damage from impacts to the lower jaw.

  3. Remodel Tech™ for Perfect Fit: No need to struggle for the perfect fit. Remodel Tech™ allows multiple attempts to achieve a game-changing fit. Enjoy the confidence that comes with a mouthguard tailored to your comfort.

  4. Extro Series Design: Express your personality with the eye-catching design of the SAFEJAWZ® Extro Series. Stand out on the field or in the ring, and let your mouthguard be an extension of your unique style.

  5. Size Options: Choose the right size for your age group - Senior (Ages 12+) or Junior (Up to age 11 years). Stay protected with a mouthguard designed to meet your specific needs.

  6. Case Included: Keep your mouthguard safe and hygienic with the included case. It's convenient for storage and easy transport to your training sessions or competitions.

  7. Not Suitable for Braces: Please note that this mouthguard is not suitable for use with braces.

👄 Protection with Personality: SAFEJAWZ® gives you the freedom to showcase your personality while ensuring top-tier protection. From fluid fit to awesome design, this mouthguard is a game-changer in sports protection.

🌈 Stand Out, Stay Protected - Get Your SAFEJAWZ® 'Pink Fangz' Mouthguard Today! #SportsProtection #Mouthguard #SAFEJAWZ #AthleteStyle

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