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Adidas Pro Semi Contact Sparring Boots - Black

Adidas Pro Semi Contact Sparring Boots - Black

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  • Elevate your training experience with our cutting-edge Carbon PU Shin Guards. Crafted with precision, the outer material boasts the durability of carbon PU, ensuring long-lasting performance. The injection-molded foam construction is designed for optimal shock absorption, providing unparalleled protection during intense workouts.

    The inner lining is thoughtfully engineered with a quick-drying and anti-slip material, ensuring both comfort and stability throughout your training sessions. These shin guards are equipped with two sets of straps, offering versatility to suit your preferences – choose between elasticated and non-elasticated straps for a secure and customizable fit.

    Invest in the ultimate combination of protection, durability, and comfort with our Carbon PU Shin Guards, designed to enhance your performance and elevate your training regimen.

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