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Deluxe Vinyl Bokken Case / Sword Case - 44"

Deluxe Vinyl Bokken Case / Sword Case - 44"

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🌟 Safeguard Your Bokken in Style: Deluxe Single Bokken Case! 🌟

Introducing our new and improved Bokken Case, designed to hold a single Bokken with the utmost care. Crafted from high-quality artificial leather (PU) and featuring a felt lining inside, this case ensures unparalleled protection for your valuable weapon.

The durable zipper ensures easy access while keeping your Bokken securely enclosed. Measuring 44 inches, it accommodates standard-sized Bokkens. For added convenience, the case comes with a shoulder strap, allowing you to carry your Bokken with ease wherever your martial arts journey takes you.

Upgrade your Bokken storage with this stylish and functional case – a perfect blend of aesthetics and protection. Elevate your martial arts experience with our deluxe Bokken Case. πŸ₯‹βš”️ #MartialArtsGear #BokkenCase #WeaponProtection


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